Our Mission...

DPM Shops strives to deliver lower cost and higher quality for our customers. We have expertise across many disciplines which allow us to understand the function of our products and the processes by which they are produced. We design our production systems with product function in mind, which keeps our attention more focused on the product’s most important qualities, such as fit and performance. Because our processes are understood and controlled, we will consistently produce quality parts with efficient use of equipment and labor. This efficiency, expertise, and attention to detail provides our customers with superior quality at reduced cost. That's what DPM Shops started doing at the beginning, and we will not stray from the core values that make DPM Shops products the most reliable pieces on the market.

Our Guarantee...

In a world filled with fine print, it's easy to get lost in the flashy details and ads some companies run. Then, when it really counts, they won't back up their products with even better customer service. Our guarantee speaks volumes about our products and commitment to customer service. We have confidence in what we are selling so much so that, if something breaks, fails or otherwise doesn't perform, we will replace or fix it! Period. Our weapons and parts will outlast the shooter, or we will replace it!


How we do it...

First and foremost, we only use the correct grade raw materials in our machining processes. You can not bring quality parts to the table by cutting corners using sub-standard materials. All of our forgings come from reputable, military-contract, forging companies. Next, using the latest technology, we hold all of our machining standards to greater levels than military specifications. Our parts not only meet, but exceed the military standards. The differences in quality is astounding when compared to our competitors. Finally, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to tolerances, fit & finish and customer service. We refuse to settle with being just another parts manufacturer. We strive to be the best provider of AR-15 parts and weapons on the block.


Where we come from...

Founded by a drive for excellence and good old fashioned American values, DPM Shops began as an offshoot of PME, Inc., a brake lathe aftermarket manufacturer which produces adaptors, lathe transmission parts, and various general maintenance parts. In 1998, DPM Shops was created as a separate engineering and contract machining entity to better utilize excess production capacity. DPM Shops’ business then grew mostly as a supplier of parts to the firearms industry. Utilizing the latest technology, DPM produces some of the finest parts on the market today. Our parts have been, or are currently being used by nearly every major AR-15 manufacturer in the United States.


  • Over 100 years combined experience in engineering, design and manufacturing.
  • Degreed mechanical, electrical, and software engineers on staff.
  • AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, PC-DMIS and numerous 3rd generation programming languages.