Shane, Owner

Even from an early age, Shane has always been a motivated worker, looking to "build the better mousetrap". A career as a mechanical engineer just seemed right for him. After college, Shane pursued many aspects of design and manufacturing work in various fields of industry. In 1998, Shane branched out and pursued building a business that had always interested him. The firearms industry was very familiar to him, but it was time to put his knowledge of manufacturing processes and design work to good use. DPM Shops was formed and has been forging out industry standards ever since.

David, Lead Design Engineer

David is a brilliant Engineer and is the head of the R&D department for DPM Shops. He graduated from University of Kentucky's Engineering program with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree, as well as from Transylvania University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. David is also an avid music lover, and musician, that can really bend the strings on a guitar.

Jacob, Manufacturing Operations Manager

Jacob has been with DPM Shops from the start. Jacob is the incredibly multi-faceted man that oversees all of our production lines and keeps everything moving along. He is the sorcerer behind all of the wizardry that happens here at DPM Shops.